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IH University Programmes Pre-CELTA Course

So you’re thinking about getting your CELTA qualification but still not sure. We’ve put together this FREE Pre-CELTA course to get you ready for your CELTA journey. 


Other centres may have something similar, but they charge a fee, you have to travel to a centre, it’s a self-study course with no help from tutors, or it’s a generic “email course”. 

Our course has been specially designed by CELTA tutors who understand what trainees need to know before starting CELTA and is delivered on our modern LMS platform so you can take this course 100% online from anywhere, anytime, and on any device!



Who is
the course for?

If you’re planning to do the CELTA but you want a peek at what you’ll see on the course, this is for you. This course will introduce you to content you’ll see on CELTA, help you develop your English teaching skills and strengthen your CELTA application for a better chance at being accepted on, and successfully completing, the CELTA.

Why should you take FREE Pre-CELTA course with IH University Programmes?

The biggest “complaint” about the CELTA is that it’s an intense course with a heavy workload which can be overwhelming if you’re not properly prepared. Our FREE Pre-CELTA course will prepare you by introducing you to CELTA content and by giving you a taste of what to expect on CELTA so you thrive in spite of the workload and intensity.


If that’s not reason enough, as a graduate of our FREE Pre-CELTA course and once accepted on CELTA, you’ll be fast-tracked so you can skip the pre-course task and directly join your CELTA course!

Online teacher
Online teacher
Online teacher

What’s included in our FREE Pre-CELTA course?

  • Grammar refresher to study up on grammar so you’ll be ready for grammar and essential terminology you’ll see on the CELTA.
  • Introduction to analyzing language to prepare you for teaching grammar and your CELTA LRT written assignment.
  • You’ll be introduced to teaching concepts you’ll explore on CELTA to help ease the workload and pressure of the CELTA.
  • Learn about lesson planning for different types of lessons (e.g. grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking) so you’ll already know how to create a lesson plan before you even start CELTA.
  • Help you start thinking like a teacher, the learning context and the needs of your students to prepare you for your CELTA Teaching Practices the FOL written assignment.
  • Introduction to Zoom and other online tools for teaching online.
  • The opportunity to watch demo lessons to see what a CELTA lesson looks like and to use as a template once you’re on CELTA.
  • Chat and share ideas with fellow course participants and start building your network.
  • Extra content to see other’s experience of CELTA and tips from past CELTA graduates on how to survive CELTA.
  • An exclusive Forum to ask a CELTA tutor questions during your Pre-CELTA course.
  • At the end of the FREE Pre-CELTA course, you’ll be invited to a live Input Session with a CELTA tutor to help you with your CELTA application, pre-interview task and learn how to prepare for and what to expect during your CELTA interview.

You can now take Pre-CELTA 100% Online from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home!

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